From Side Street, through double doors (5’ Wide), 20’ Corridor then 3 Steps, Mezzanine, 14 Steps (6’ wide, divided by Handrail in the middle), then turn left into Venue (35’ to Stage access, hard floor, all flat).


Access DSR. Five steps 26” Wide. Stage Height 3’3” above Dance floor.
Dimensions; 26 Feet wide x 10 Feet deep. Backline Riser to rear (Further 16” deep, 20” Lift). Drum Riser 8 Feet Wide x 6 Feet deep, 20” Lift, US, slightly off centre towards SR (Risers are fixed and cannot be moved) Working space in front of Drum Riser is 4 Feet, with further 24” thrust for Wedge Monitors. Monitor control will always be SL.


FOH; 4 x EAW KF600 3 way Tops, 4 x EAW SB600 and 4 x CVA 1 x 18″Sub Bass, driven by C-Audio RA2/3/4000 plus 1 x Amcron Macrotech VZ5000 and 1 x EV P3000, with 2 x EAW MX800i analogue system controllers. 40 Hz – 16 KHz +/- 3db @ 118dba with 3db headroom, System Power 12Kw RMS.

FOH Control: 1 x Soundcraft Spirit Digital 328XD with 1 expander, 24 channels available (inputs can be increased to 32, with 2nd expander, available on request) – Gate/Comp on each Channel, 8 subgroups, inputs have insert on ¼” TRS. 6 x pre/post switchable auxs, 2 of which feed onboard Lexicon MXP (these have dedicated returns, with same strip as inputs)

1 x Yamaha SPX 900 Multi FX

1 x Roland SDE3000 Digital Delay unit (able to be used as Tap Delay)

6 x Noise Gate, 6 x Compressor (with exciter/de-esser, etc)

XTA 1/3 octave FOH EQ

Fully multipin loomed to desk, patchable as required.

1 x Canford comms belt pack with headset.

Located FOH rear, house right – clear sight lines to stage.

Monitors: 2 x 15 +2” Bi Amp Wedges plus 2 x EAW SM222 passive Wedges, plus 1 x Active Drum Fill – 2 x 15” + 2”. Driven by Matrix and C-Audio amplifiers with 1 x Digital system controller

Approximately 115dba with 3db headroom (with Wedges High-Passed @ 60Hz) – System Power 6Kw RMS Monitor Control;

1 x Soundcraft Spirit Digital 324 with 1 expander, 24 channels available (inputs can be increased to 32, with 2nd expander, available on request) – 4 subgroups, inputs have insert on ¼” TRS. 6 x pre/post switchable auxs, 2 of which feed onboard Lexicon MXP (these have dedicated returns, with same strip as inputs). Alternatively, mixes 5 or 6 are available on XLR out (this disables the associated onboard FX) Further Stereo mix is available if required.

Note; This desk only has 2, assignable, onboard dynamics.

4 Gates, 4 Klark Teknic Compressors, 1 x Yamaha REV500 Reverb/Delay.

8 channels Court GE60 inductor-based 1/3 octave EQ (at least XTA standard, if not significantly better). 1x Tecpro Comms master station, with headset.


6x SM58, 4 x SM57, 1 x Sennheiser 845, 4 x Sennheiser E604, 2 x e604 copies, 2 x Sennheiser K3U/ME40 condenser, 2 x Chinese condenser (perfectly ok on drums etc), 1 x Shure Beta91, 1 x Beyer Opus 99, 1 x Beta52 copy (it AIN’T like a real one, but not bad..), 1 x D6 copy (pretty good), 6 x EMO passive DI Box, 8 x Behringer active DI Box (please note that these are the ones that look like silver BSS, NOT the horrible crappy ones, and they don‘t overload if you use the pads correctly). Various Y /Z leads and combiners as required.

Various Full Boom/ Tele Boom/ Mini Boom/ Kik Boom/ Banquet stands and range of Clips.

1 x Shure Beta58 UHF wireless mic is available (request in advance please, it belongs to the House Engineer..)

Rider Compliance:

Additional sound equipment may be added/substituted as required, but may incur costs to the visiting production. Touring Desks, microphones etc, are welcome, but please notify in advance.



FOH Bar – 4 x 1000 watt Parcans for face light, 3 Robe Colourspot 250at’s.

Front Goal-Post Double Trilite Truss (spans spaced vertically 24” apart) with 8 x MFL PAR64 1000w. Dimmer capacity for a further 8 lamps (4 circuits) on 16a Ceeforms. Further 2 x 13a plus DMX feed.

Rear Trilite Span, flown and fixed, full width with 12 x MFL PAR64 500w plus DMX feed.

Note that while there is DMX, there is no 240v, although you could power, say 4 x 250w moving lights from the 13a stage sockets below.

Rear Horseshoe shaped Truss behind Drum Riser, 7’ High, with 2 x MFL PAR64 500w. Dimmer capacity for further 4 x 500w lamps (1 circuit only) on 16a Ceeform, plus DMX feed. 3 x spare 13a sockets below.

DSL & DSR Trilite legs each with 3 x PAR56 LED, DMX feed and 2 x Spare 13a Sockets. 14 x 4-cell LED fixtures which provide colour washes, etc (and SERIOUSLY good strobe effects..) 6 x 4 cell LED bars (similar effect to rows of 4 pin-spots, with variable colours)

1 x Chauvet Hurricane Smoke Machine

Avolites Titan One Software Controller running on PC (single universe) – DMX line is accesible for visiting Desk if required.

System as described is fully patched, tested and ready to go. Be aware that this is a fixed installation, so lamps can not really be moved (apart from re-focussing, if you must). Also, there is no Gel Box (so don’t ask!) Moving Lights can be moved, to a degree, although we would rather you didn’t. Desk contains a selection of default presets – four colour wash, a couple of can chases, numerous ML setups and some stuff with the Lasers. The operator is welcome to add anything they need to our programming or to request a DMX patch or blank show file so they can create their own show. All equipment manuals are on site, at FOH Control. There are no Floor Cans, Specials or Follow-Spots, so please bear this in mind.


2 x Laserworld 1800w RGB

Both controlled either via DMX or DLNA through dedicated control PC in the main control area.


InFocus IN26+ Multi-standard Projector (2400 Lumen) fed from DVD Player or Computer (1024 x 768 resolution), flown from FOH Ceiling.

10ft (diagonal) 4:3 motorised remote control Screen, flown from front truss.

Note that this obscures the Stage, so can only be used when there is no band playing!

Samsung Blu-Ray player connected via HDMI switcher (switcher has four spare inputs for laptops etc) patched into Projector.


Rider Compliance:

Lighting can be added to, but not substituted.



Green Room at S.R. Seating for 8 people, with Coffee Table and Small Dining Table with 4 Chairs. Area adjacent to Fire Exit for storage of small items – FIRE EXIT MUST BE KEPT CLEAR AT ALL TIMES (Management reserve the right to remove anything left there ‘by mistake’) Food, and drinks, etc, may be consumed in this area, as per any rider, or anything bought from the bar.

Private Dining Room for up to 30 people is available downstairs, with fully equipped Kitchen suitable for up to three Cooks and five support staff. Kitchen Staff and Food requirements may be provided by the Hotel as needed, but this must be specifically agreed in advance of the Gig.

Hotel Accommodation comprises 30 Rooms (Combinations of Single, Twin, Double and Family rooms, with en-suite Showers or Bathroom, to approximately 3 star standards. Sky HD or Digital Freeview, and Wireless Internet access are available at no extra cost. Breakfast is included.

Rooms will be assigned strictly in advance (minimum of one week’s notice) and by negotiation. Please bear in mind that this is a working Hotel, so Band members, their’ Partners and production Staff only! Please also note that on occasions, availability of Rooms may be VERY limited, and we we may need to charge a small fee to cover costs (this is normally £20.00 per room, per night).


On-Site Recreation Facilities:

There are two other Venues within the Complex.
The first is called ‘Bar Seven’, a multi-purpose space. This serves primarily as a Night Club, holding up to 250 people, with DJ’s, dancing and two Bars until 3am. This Venue is also available for Hire – please ask for details.
The second Venue is called ‘The Corner Bar’, offering a more traditional Pub environment for up to 160 people, with Jukebox and Sky TV Sports, etc. A Pool room is available, with DJ on Friday/Saturday, until 3am. This area also serves as the Hotel Residents’ Bar.
A Band Stage has recently been installed, with PA facilities (Mixer and control available to hire, or you can plug in your own).
Access to these Venues is free of charge, for members of the visiting Production, or persons on any Guest-List (Within reason and by negotiation!). Access to Bar Seven may not be possible if it has been ‘hired-out’ for a private event.


Local Amenities:

We are fortunate to be in an excellent location, just 150 metres away from Crewe Railway Station. There are numerous Take-Aways and Restaurants within walking distance of the Hotel, offering most types of cuisine, including vegetarian. There are two Newsagents, both open until 10pm. We have recently gained a further corner Shop, right opposite the Hotel – Bonus!!

A large Shopping Centre, with Music shops, is a short Taxi-ride away. There are also several Gyms, Cinema, Golf course and other Sports facilities close-by.



House Sound, Lighting and Event Bookings:

Adrian on 07863 729654 / adrianbryan65@hotmail.com

You can also contact Sonya on 01270 257398 / rylhotel@yahoo.co.uk